Journey Begins...

I took a great seminar this weekend on becoming a Great Photographer.  It was given by one of my favorite Photographers, Mr. Steve Simon ("The Passionate Photographer").  If you are not familiar with him, check out his site, .  He is a certainly amazing photographer, a good teacher and a pretty nice guy.

So, one of the big steps in becoming a great photographer is starting a Project.  This was initially daunting to me.  What kind of project?  I just like taking pictures, why do I need a project?

We talked about what makes a good photograph.  The technical details, the right moment, catching the light and you can add some of your own.  But, what I got out of the seminar was that a great photo has depth.. It has details.  It belongs to something.  It is relevant.  Sure, a lot of photos are visually beautiful but that doesn't make them a great photo.  I brought in some pictures that I thought would be instant favorites, the response was basically that sure its nice and pretty - but what does it tell me?  Its a postcard shot, nothing else.

Some shots that I didn't expect much from were explored in more depth and a piece of a story was revealed.  That's when it finally starting to sink in.  A project give a good photo a place to belong.  Its still got to have the other aspects.  I have to take a technically perfect (or near perfect) picture, it has to have some visual value and it has to be a part of a story, or theme.  Some pics I think can stand on their own, as their own story.  But, these are rare gems indeed. 

So, I will start some projects.  Heck, I already have some projects started that I didn't even know were projects!  But, my main project will be on one of my other "Passions", music .  Louisiana Live Music.

So, I have some learning to do, some pictures to take and some music to enjoy.

I will be a fun and interesting ride.  I don't know where this journey will end up.  But, that's not really the point, is it? 

Thanks Steve.