Lots of Pics / Lots to Learn

I have now taken pics of a few bands and learned a lot about the lighting in the typical venues for these bands....it sucks!  Obviously, some are better than others and day time venues are great!  But, I still got some neat pics in each of my shoots.

First, many thanks to the groups I have photographed.  They have all been receptive and a lot of fun to shoot.  And the music has been awesome.  It makes doing this kind of stuff a whole lot of fun.  Special big thanks to Chris Leblanc who has been more than encouraging and I am blessed to call him my friend.

I have basically used three lenses, a 50mm F1.4, a 14-50mm F2.8 and a 70-200mm F2.8.  I have kind of gravitated to to the 14-50mm lense at about a 3200 ISO. 

Also, I have found that I really like Black and White for this project.  It just happened.  I love the way it looks.  I will be experimenting with some styles of Black and White, but I am pretty certain most of my shoots will end up in some Black and White treatment.

My good friend John Gros plays in Baton Rouge Friday night and I can't wait to get some shots of him.  Let's hope I continue to improve and keep getting some shots I like.