I've added a new side track to my project.  I've always loved guitars, because they make such beautiful music and can be such great pieces of visual art.  I listed them in the Louisiana Live Music section and gave them their own gallery, as a musician or band would get.  I think they deserve the spot. 

John Gros brought his band to Baton Rouge.  John has been a friend of mine for many years and there is no doubt about his prowess on the keyboard.  He is an unbelievable talent.  Everyone he brought was great.  I was impressed with Eric Bolivar on the drums (though he was in the "aquarium"!) and Andrew Block on the guitar.  Andrew is a young talent that can really make the guitar wail.  Though I have to say that I am truly impressed with Cassandra Falconer on the "Funky Ass Bass".  I haven't seen her play with Cowboy Mouth, yet.  But, I can't wait for the opportunity.

Another great gig we got to see was Kirk Holder.  He is quite a fun act to watch and he participates so well with the audience.  He plays a great guitar and hopefully I will get a good shot of his guitar soon!

Hopefully, we will get to some more of this great music soon and get some more pics up.  If you know of any acts that are a "must see" drop me a note.